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WIA Section I Application; WIA Scholarship Section II Activities Pg. 3; WIA Scholarship SECTION III Counselor Form Pg. 4; WIA Scholarship Section IV Char Eval Pg._5; SECTION V Essays


6458 State Highway 77

 Benton, Missouri  63736



Dear Counselor and High School Senior,

We are pleased to bring to your attention an application form for a non-renewable $750 scholarship.  The application is open to any graduate who is involved in or whose family is involved in agribusiness or farming in Scott County, Missouri.  Preference will be given to those who are also residents of Scott County.  The applicant is not required to major in agriculture.  Please do not apply if you are receiving a full scholarship. The application may be found: http://extension.missouri.edu/scott/, www.scottcountymo.com,     or http://scottcountywomeninagriculture.wordpress.com/scholarship/.      

*The completed application, Section I, II, III, IV, and V must be returned to:  Scott County Women in Agriculture, Scott County Soil and Water, 6458 State Highway 77, Benton, MO  63736, Attention:  Scholarship Committee.  Applications must be postmarked by April 1.

*Section III of the application should be completed by the high school principal or counselor.  It should be enclosed in a sealed envelope to be returned with the application forms.

*A form for the character evaluations (Section IV) has been enclosed in the application packet.   Two evaluations (either the form enclosed or a reference letter) are required.  They should be completed by an adult who is not related to the applicant.  One should be completed by a school faculty member and the other by the applicant’s employer, club sponsor, another faculty member, or an adult knowledgeable of the applicant. The evaluator should enclose the document in a sealed envelope for the applicant to return along with his/her application.  A copy of this letter would probably be helpful to the persons completing the evaluation.

*The applicant must write two essays (Section V) and attach them to the application.

The application will not be considered if all the above items are not completed.  The student will be scored on each of these sections by an outside committee.  All information will be treated in a confidential and professional manner.

Please address any questions to Bernadette Stricker (683-4025), Jolene Felter (545-3772), members of the scholarship committee, or Kay Dover Wilson (545-3593).


Scholarship Committee


Scott County Mo
P.O. Box 188 :: 131 S. Winchester Street
Benton, Missouri 63736
Phone: 573-545-3549 Fax: 573-545-3540

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