Accepting Applications for Opioid Settlement Funding

As a result of the opioid epidemic, most jurisdictions across the United States have engaged in legal action against the pharmaceutical companies.  Scott County has begun receiving opioid settlement funds as a result of the litigation and may distribute these funds pursuant to the approved uses as outlined in the settlements.

The Scott County Commission will determine the amount of funds to be disbursed each year and will determine which applicants will receive the funds.  More than one applicant may be chosen.

Applying for Funding from Scott County

Any agency, organization, or program wishing to receive opioid settlement funds from Scott County may submit an Application for Funding to the Scott County Commission along with a Schedule B – Approved Uses Application.

The total maximum amount of opioid settlement funds to be disbursed in 2024 is $50,000.00.  Funds may be awarded to an organization in full or partial amounts.  Requests for funds/applications are due by June 1, 2024.

Evaluation of Applicants

The County Commission will consider the following core strategies in addition to the Schedule B – Approved Uses when evaluating application letters:

Core Strategies

a. Naloxone or other FDA-approved drug to reverse opioid overdose

b. Medication-assisted treatment distribution and other opioid-related treatment

c. Pregnant and postpartum women

d. Expanding treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome

e. Expansion of warm hand-off programs and recovery services

f. Treatment for incarcerated population

g. Prevention programs

h. Expanding syringe service programs

i. Evidence-based data collection and research analyzing the effectiveness of the abatement strategies within the state

Reporting of Disbursements

In accordance with the terms of the settlements, Scott County is required to report the manner in which all opioid funds were used.  Successful applicants must maintain documentation of the use of funds and provide such documentation to Scott County within a year.

For questions regarding the disbursement of opioid funds of Scott County, please contact Allen Seabaugh, County Clerk at (573)545-3549 or

Downloadable PDFs


Schedule B - Approved Uses