Pipes installed in the County Ditches

The County Highway Department installs High Performance Polypropylene culverts in the County Ditches. These are replacing the corrugated metal ones since the will not corrode and will last longer. They will burn, so please be careful when burning anything near them.

HPPP = High Performance Polypropylene is a resin

 HPPP is more dense, harder, and 2-3x stronger than the black N12 HDPE (HIgh Density Polyethylene)

 The HPPP Grey will not corrode like corrugated metal.  It is highly resistant to chemical attack and is unaffected by soils or effluents with a PH range of 1.5 to 14.  

 The HPPP Grey pipe is double wall and comes in triple wall thickness as well.  The interior of the pipe is smooth which provides additional strength and excellent flow characteristics.  

 The HPPP pipe will burn.