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Reserve Unit

Application for Reserve Deputy
The Reserve Deputy Unit at maximum consists of twenty private citizens who have received the minimum 120-hour training and continuing 48-hour training every 3 years. Members equip their personal vehicles with radios and furnish all equipment and uniforms. The members of the unit assist the Sheriff when extra man-power is needed during searches, man-hunts, transporting prisoners, and when extra security is needed at special events, such as concerts, summers events, high school functions, etc.

Members of the unit are required to attend one training meeting per month. Active members are also required to work a certain number of hours per month. Reserve officers must now meet the same training requirements as regular deputies, in order to maintain a valid peace officer license with the Office of Public Safety. At the beginning of each year elections are held for positions of Commander, Assist Commander, Secretary/Treasurer, and Board members.

The Sheriff's Reserve Unit is a non-profit organization depending solely on donations for operating funds. Donations may be made payable to The Scott County Sheriff's Reserve. The donations may be mailed to the Sheriff's Office, P.O. Box 279, Benton, MO 63736-0279.

Applications for the Sheriff's Reserve Unit may be obtained at the Sheriff's Office. 

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