Family Court Implemented by 33rd Court

IN THE 33RD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT OF MISSOURI - CIRCUIT COURT EN BANC. ADMINISTRATIVE RULE 2017-1. Beginning January 1, 2017, there shall be established in the 33rd Judicial Circuit, consisting of both Scott and Mississippi Counties, a Family Court. (Section 487.010)

Division II in Mississippi County and Division IV in Scott County shall be designated as the Family Court Division in each county. The Honorable Rob Barker, is designated as Administrative Judge in the Family Court for an initial term of two years beginning on January 1, 2017.

The jurisdiction of the Family Court shall consist of the following cases and case type. (Section 487.080) Chapter 452 - Domestic Relations; Chapter 453 - Adoption; Chapter 211 - Juvenile; Chapter 210 - Child Protection; Chapter 454 - Support Enforcement; Chapter 455 - Adult Abuse and Child Protection Order; Annulments, Change of Name and marriage license waiting period waivers.

There is established in the treasury of Scott County a "Family Services and Justice Fund" (Section 488.230).

In each county the Circuit Clerk shall charge and collect a surcharge of $30.00 in all proceedings falling within the jurisdiction of the Family Court. The surcharge shall not be charged when no court costs are otherwise required, shall not be charged against the Petitioner for actions filed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 455 but may be charged to the Respondent in such actions, shall not be charged to a government agency and shall not be charged in any proceedings where the costs are waived or are to be paid by the state, county or municipality.

In Juvenile proceedings under Section 211 a judgment of up to $30.00 may be assessed against the child, parent or custodian of the child, in addition to other amounts authorized by law, in informal adjustments made under the provisions of Section 211.081 and 211.083 and in order of disposition or treatment under the provisions of Section 211.181. The judgment may be ordered paid to the Clerk of the Circuit where the assessment is imposed.

The Court En Banc shall meet annually to determine the assessment in Chapter 211 cases. For 2017 the assessment for Juvenile cases shall be $30.00.

Honorable Rob Barker shall remain as presiding Juvenile Judge for the 33rd Circuit and any disqualification or recusal by him in Juvenile Court cases shall be assigned to the Judge of Division IV in Scott County, being the other Family Court Judge.