Welcome To Scott County, MO

Scott County Missouri

Scott County's slogan "Where north meets south and east meets west" summarizes many attributes of this unique southeast Missouri county. The bustling industries of the northern part blend into the southern area, rightfully known as "where Southern Hospitality begins in America".

With the mighty Mississippi River flowing on its eastern edge, the county marks the beginning of the American west and its great pioneering spirit where a neighbor helps a neighbor. At its center, farmlands and families provide the bond that holds it all together.

Diverse groups, businesses, churches and schools come together as one within Scott County making it the "Crossroads of America" in all aspects of the phrase. Our website is a great source of information about our county and we hope you find it helpful. For details, contact the Office of County Development online or at 573-545-3549.


The Scott County Courthouse physical address: 131 S Winchester Street, Benton MO 63736. Please add the name of the office on any packages that are delivered by UPS, Fed X, etc.  

Each office has their own PO Box Number, so please check their page if you are mailing a package.


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