Scott County Sheriff's Office

Contact Info

Scott County Sheriff
Wes Drury
P.O. Box 279
131 S. New Madrid Street
Benton, Missouri 63736

Phone: 573-545-3525 / 573-471-3530
Office Fax: 573-545-3527
Jail Fax: 573-545-4128

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Office Info

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Sheriff's Office is located directly behind the Scott County Courthouse, attached to the north side of the Judicial Building. The jail, open 24/7, is located across Tywappity Street south of the Judicial Building. The jail faces New Madrid Street.


Law enforcement is a continual 24 hour a day - 7 days a week responsibility of the Sheriff's Office. Additional services provided:

  • Concealed weapon qualification certificates are issued at the Sheriff's Office.
  • Mondays and Fridays 8AM - 4:30PM.
  • Civil and criminal process is conducted at the Sheriff's Office.
  • Report inquiries are handled at the Sheriff's Office.
  • Sexual offender registration takes place at the Sheriff's Office.


The Scott County Sheriff's Office is submitting an application for the FY2018 Justice Assistance Grant funding for the Scott County Sheriff's Office Mobile Radio Enhancement Project which will provide two interoperability compliant all band MP mobile radios and accessories for fleet vehicles.  The grant amount is set at $13,300 for the agency.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns related to this project or grant application, please contact Captain Dane Stausing at 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a person is in jail?

There are several different options available to do this.
(1) Online at Missouri Victim's Automated Notification System
(2) Click here Scott County Jail Public Website
(3) Use the free mobile app above (requires application download)
(4) Call the Scott County Jail.

How do I apply for a position with the Sheriff's Office, Jail, or 911 Communications Center?

Applications for employment with the Sheriff's Office, Jail, and 911 Communications Center may be obtained at the front window at the Sheriff's Office.

Can I purchase commissary items and have them delivered to an inmate?

Yes.  Click here to place order

How can I register to be notified when an inmate is released from custody?

Go to Missouri Victim's Automated Notification System online and find the inmate. Just follow the directions to register for notification.

How do I make arrangements to pick up seized property (firearms) etc.?

Click on the link above, complete the property request form, and deliver it to the Sheriff's Office.

How can I get an ex-parte order of protection?

Go to the Associate Circuit Clerk in Benton and fill out an application for the Judge to review.

I need to post bond for someone in jail. How do I get the name and number for a bonding agency?

A list of approved bonding companies and agents are posted in the front lobby at the jail.

What does it cost to have a civil summons or garnishment served by the Sheriff's Office?

Click on Civil Division link to the left.

I live in the county and have been a victim of a crime. Who do I call?

Call the Sheriff's Office at 573-545-3525. A communications officer at the jail will take the call, obtain preliminary information from you and will then dispatch an officer to make contact with you.