Civil Division

***Fees must be paid prior to service***

All Summons-Subpoenas-WRIT
$30.00 Person
$15.00 Mileage
$45.00 TOTAL

Each Additional Summons ( At the same address)
$30.00  Person

Example1 : Summons $45 TOTAL
Example 2 : Summons $74 (same address)

$45.00 Total

Executions - Property Siezure
$500 Total

CCW Permit Initial Fee (with Fingerprints)

$100.00 Cash or Check Only

CCW Permit Renewal Fee

$50.00 Cash or Check Only

Expried CCW Permits will be $10 PER MONTH up to 5 months then will be a flat fee of $100 after 6 months.

Monday through Friday from 08:00-04:30

Downloadable PDFs

Civil Process Pricing